light and visual

Visual storytelling at its absolute best

Here's a quick look at some of my recent works. Be sure to have a look through the other photo galleries as well while you're here to see some of the other amazing projects I've had the pleasure of working on.
DACS_Elaine Paige_RAH_2014_097.jpg
DACS_Elaine Paige_RAH_2014_129.jpg
DACS_Elaine Paige_RAH_2014_171.jpg
DACS_Elaine Paige_RAH_2014_223.jpg
DACS_Elaine Paige_RAH_2014_506.jpg
DACS_Elaine Paige_RAH_Oct_2014_Panorama1.jpg
DACS_Shane Filan_London_02.JPG
DACS_Shane Filan_London_03.JPG
DACS_Shane Filan_London_05.JPG
DACS_Shane Filan_London_06.JPG
DACS_Shane Filan_London_07.JPG
DACS_Shane Filan_London_08.JPG
DACS_Shane Filan_London_09.JPG
Shane Filan - UK and Ireland Tour 2014 - Stage Visual 303.png
Shane Filan - UK and Ireland Tour 2014 - Stage Visual 304.png